Kickstarter Success, AWE Demos, and More.

Lynx-R1 product development is now achieved, and if you follow us on Youtube/Twitter you may already know that we had a crazy November 2021!

  • AWE & Lynx-R1 preseries.

More than 200 people could test pre-series units of the Lynx at the San Francisco AWE annual conference. We were kindly invited to showcase the Lynx-R1 at the Qualcomm booth. And since a picture is worth a thousand words:

Feedback was extremely positive, and very encouraging. 

  • Lynx on Adam Savage's Tested

This trip was also the opportunity to get the device tested by Norman from the very popular Adam Savage's Tested Channel :

  • The Lynx-R1 Kickstarter campaign

Lynx-R1 received a tremendous amount of success through its kickstarter campaign (800K$). Launching this Kickstarter campaign in October 2021 was a real leap of faith. We knew that a strong community of developers were waiting for the Lynx R-1 but it was impossible to guess how many of them would actually commit. There was a major pitfall, we had to prove that what we had was a real product and not just a fancy prototype. By publishing several videos and inviting renown VR Youtubers in our office for private and honest hands-on sessions we aimed at leveraging most of the community’s concerns. We also continued our regular AMA Youtube live events for project updates and exchange with the community. With more than 1200 backers and 800K$ in funding it is a tremendous success for a 15 person team ! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback, about the product itself but also on the way we are doing things. Despite all odds, we are now ready to start the production of the first standalone Mixed Reality headset !

We were very happy to have backers testing the device at AWE 2021. (for those who missed the campaign timeframe, you can still preorder a device on our e-commerce).

Thanks again to the European Youtubers (Cas & Chary, Sebastian, and Nathie) who came by, and provided the AR/VR community with their first impressions about the Lynx-R1.

Next stop in the US for demos: CES and SPIE AR/MR/VR. Stay tuned.