About us

Lynx Mixed Reality was founded in 2019 years ago by Stan Larroque. Thanks to a dedicated team of innovators in electronics, software, optics and hardware, we've developed the Lynx-R1 headset.
We believe our AR/VR ecosystem deserves a versatile and open device like Lynx, at a very affordable price point, for all kind of uses from games & entertainment to professional training and education .
We are a team of 15 people with various backgrounds from designers to electronics engineers and from Unity experts to low-level system architects that share the same passion towards AR and VR.
Some of us have an extended history with the tech (more than 20 years!), and worked on the StarVR headset while others started when the first affordable headsets came out. That being said, we have a lot of experience in the field on both the software and hardware.
Virtual Reality as a medium is the best story teller, and Augmented Reality is basically a superpower. Both of these technologies are transforming the way we learn, play, and interact in the real world and all the virtual ones. We put our hearts into Lynx, and we hope you will enjoy with experiences we can't even imagine today. 
We are hiring, contact us on our LinkedIn page.