Hands-On With The Future Of Mixed Reality - How Good Is This HoloLens Killer?

MRTV: I recently went to Paris to try out the Lynx R1 - a new standalone mixed reality headset that can not only do VR but also color-passthrough AR and high-quality ultraleap hand-tracking! In this video I show you my unedited first hands-on with the device and let you know what I think of it and if this could actually replace the HoloLens 2.

"We are now here at the bleeding edge of this technology which is F***ing Amazing!"

"I think we know already that this is the future and people dont even understand how powerful this is"

"A Hololens 2 Killer. If you are thinking about getting the Hololens 2 for your enterprise, probably have a look at the Lynx R1 because it's cheaper and it can do things better"