Why production delays were worth the wait

Since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, in November 2021, we experienced numerous delays in the production of our headset. Even when trying to be as transparent as possible, some people began to doubt our ability to deliver the product. Such delays are well-known in our industry and happen even to the biggest corporations.

The main challenge behind these delays has been getting sufficient funds to ensure manufacturing. Our successful Kickstarter campaign brought us 725,000 euros. That was a great start to indicate that there was a market and a need for our product. However, the Kickstarter campaign was not sufficient to industrialize the Lynx-R1.

We then raised 6.5 million euros to begin our production. And we made every single cent count. To get a frame of reference, let’s look at the investment in XR from a big corporation such as Meta Reality Labs. The infographic below shows, in dollars, our average annual investment for the past four years, compared to the annual investment of Meta Reality Labs.

Let’s be clear: bringing a headset forward to the market as a startup is a miracle. It's thanks to the relentless hours from our talented team, and support from our backers, partners, and investors that the production of the Lynx-R1 is a reality today.

The Lynx-R1 ensures full ownership of your data through an open ecosystem that includes access to the devices’ sensors and cameras. Our headset enables transparency in data auditing for companies and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including industry and healthcare use cases. 

At Lynx Mixed Reality we are committed to liberating individuals and businesses from constraining data harvesting practices while promoting an open XR ecosystem with a top-quality headset. It’s never too late to diversify the XR ecosystem with a European player in the league of XR giants.