Lynx Mixed Reality at the L'Express 70-year anniversary

For its 70th anniversary, the french newspaper L'Express organized a unique conference to envision what the next 70 years may bring us.

The landmark event covered emblematic topics that have consistently resonated through the pages of L'Express: politics, science, climate, Europe, and more. The symposium boasted contributions from global thought leaders like Bruno Le Maire, Francis Fukuyama, Bill Gates, and Kaja Kallas, among many other top-tier French and international experts

Part of the innovations that will have a great impact in the coming years are mixed reality technologies. Our CEO Stan Larroque opened the discussion on how mixed reality and the Lynx-R1 will help speed up processes and help workers in a lot of ways.

During the interview, Stan provided a live demonstration of the Lynx-R1, showcasing its ability to seamlessly integrate virtual objects into the real world and its precision in tracking hand movements. He highlighted the practical applications of this technology in various industries, including training for engineers, surgeons, and other professionals, emphasizing its potential for improving efficiency and safety.

The Lynx-R1 represents a significant innovation in the French and European ecosystem, as it positions France and Europe as a player in the emerging field of mixed reality technology.