Lynx Mixed Reality on BFMTV

Last week, our CEO Stan Larroque was interviewed by BFMTV, a major news broadcasting channel in France, for the launch of Apple VisionPro. 

Apple is legitimizing mixed reality with this launch and showing that there are use cases that go well beyond gaming, providing solutions for businesses and individuals. 

The Lynx-R1 is a headset with a wide variety of applications including industry and healthcare use cases. For example, we are helping GRT Gaz, one of our partners, by improving security training with mixed reality emergency simulations. We are also collaborating with the Bichat-Claude-Bernard Hospital in Paris and the Inserm, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

The Lynx-R1 features a dual camera-based see-through technology, the same choice Apple has made with the VisionPro. 

The main difference is our approach to mixed reality. First, we promote an open ecosystem based on OpenXR that enables developers and researchers to access the sensors and cameras from our device. 

Second, we have designed our headset for everyday use in a professional environment. The flip-up and its compact design enable tour customers to focus on mixed-reality applications while maintaining the peripheral view anchored in the real world. This last feature is unique to the Lynx-R1. 

Third, we free our customers from data harvesting practices, ensuring full ownership of their data. The code base is auditable by customers and third parties for security and data protection purposes.

Our headset is priced at 1,299 euros, making it affordable to a wide range of customers and businesses looking to get introduced to mixed reality. 

We are thrilled that the first units will be shipping before the end of the year!