Manufacturing Milestone: Achieved!

The last phase of the Lynx-R1 production has started. We can´t wait to receive the first units in the third week of August!

It’s been a while since our last written update. We apologize as we are a small team and had to prioritize production to ensure top-quality standards for the Lynx-R1.

This post summarizes the last YouTube Live session on the 27th of July 2023.

We have reached a major milestone with the last phase of the Lynx-R1 production in collaboration with Compal, our manufacturer. We are more than thrilled that our first backers and customers will be receiving their first units soon. In Stan’s words: “It's finally going to be in your hands.”

Quality assurance holds a key place in our company. To ensure the top quality of our first batch of headsets, they will be reviewed first at our offices in Paris. The Lynx-R1 is our first headset and we are committed to bringing you a state-of-the-art device.

The first delivery is expected for the third week of August. As a commitment to our early supporters, Stan will be delivering in person the Lynx-R1 to the first five backers! It’s a very exciting moment and we can’t wait to see the first units in the hands of our customers.

Behind the scenes, we ran into a few challenges. One of them was our unique lens system which may be one of the most complex lens architectures used in today’s headsets. It is composed of twelve freeform surfaces that engineer our prism. As you can imagine, it was very hard to adjust the parameters for the molding of the piece. As we didn’t compromise on quality, there was some delay in refining the optics and lens calibration algorithm.

To support our product, we launched Portal a new website to serve as a resource hub. We initially opened it to 400 early testers to gather initial feedback on our platform. A more official announcement on Portal will be made further in the year. The website will host the Lynx App Store and development updates for the Lynx-R1, including downloadable Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Our aim at Lynx Mixed Reality is to drive mixed reality forward. To that end, we have enabled access to the six cameras on the Lynx-R1 to be viewed concurrently in a Unity scene. This feature opens up countless possibilities, allowing developers to feed camera data into algorithms, network systems, or AI processing units. It will be soon available for free in our SDK, downloadable via Portal.

Rounding off the update, our mascot Lux will be soon available to download on our platform. We also welcome new members to our team: Yohann Belair and Andrea Bravo. Yohann is a kick-starter backer who has become an R&D engineer at Lynx! He is doing a great job with the future Lynx controllers. Andrea, a fan of Lynx and Ph.D. in XR, has become our Global Communications Officer. She is taking care that you get regular updates right before the first shipment of Lynx-R1s.

Questions & Answers

Can you share any updates about the controllers?
We are currently working full-time on the controllers. They will have a unique design and we will probably show them during the fall.  

How much do you take from app sales in your store?
We are thinking about a 15% royalty tax on store transactions (much less than other platforms) to attract developers.

Does any developer have a Lynx-R1 already?
Some of our partners have headsets and there are also a few dozen headsets widespread in the world. Upon receiving your Lynx-R1, you will be able to update the software to the latest version via Portal. Plus, the bootloader will be open.

You have mentioned that the first hundreds of devices will ship in August.
Can you be more precise?
We expect to receive slightly over 300 Lynx-R1. We will keep you updated.

Will the Lynx-R1 be compatible with external tracker support like Vive Trackers?
The Lynx-R1 will be compatible with SteamVR through PCVR streaming systems, based on that ViveTrackers are compatible but may require some adjustments to align the referencesystems. Please note that future Vive Trackers are not based on SteamVR tracking and should be compatible with all standalone headsets.

How does streaming work with the Lynx-R1 in regards to SteamVR tracking system? 
It is necessary to align the Lynx-R1 tracking reference to the SteamVR's one, a tool like OpenVR SpaceCalibrator can be handy and we will publish a full guide in due time. 

How do I change my shipping address?
You can change your shipping address by sending an email to

Which operating systems work with the Lynx-R1?
In our team, we have people using all kinds of computers. You can use any distribution and any kind of computer to develop on Lynx as long as you can run Android Studio and Unity.

Are we going to find the Lynx-R1 in hardware stores such as Darty or Boulanger (in France) in the future?
You may see the Lynx-R1 distributed through famous websites later in the year. Regarding retail stores, it may happen next year.

Are you planning a developer event?
We are currently outlining a plan and we will keep you updated.

Can you use a drone with Lynx?
Yes, we are currently working with a famous drone company located close to our offices.

Can we use Godot on Lynx?
Yes, you can run apps that are built from Godot. There might be some functionalities to fix but because we are running on OpenXR. Right now we support Unity, Unreal, 2D Android apps, and the Volvic browser which is web compatible.

What about the Lynx-R1 Limited Edition?
We have to wait until the first regular Lynx-R1s are shipped out before making comments on the Limited Edition. We are actively working on it but it was impossible to manufacture both at the same time.