Mixed Reality Emergency Training with GRTGaz

Emergency training with mixed reality offers a hands-on, immersive experience for quicker and more effective skill acquisition for handling crisis situations. 

Lynx Mixed Reality partnered with GRTGaz for emergency training. GRTGaz is a leader in natural gas transmission at high pressure in France. The company trains its staff in emergency management to handle various crisis situations such as gas leaks that can lead to serious health and safety risks.

“Imagine an ignited gas leak that is 20 meters high in the courtyard of your building. The gas leak creates an annoyingly loud noise that is as strong as a plane taking off.”


This is an example of what GRTGaz employees are told at the start of the emergency training to visualize the case. The training is a coordinated operation between several employees. However, as the human mind is limitless by nature, each member of the team may picture the situation in a slightly different way. Imagination is not useful for coordinated action in emergency training.

In emergency training, you are aiming for shared understanding for optimal results, and that is what the Lynx-R1 affords. Our headset displays the ignited gas leak where it is in the real world to create a common frame of reference for GRTGaz employees for optimal coordinated action (see picture below).

Dominique Richard, construction manager at GRTGaz, explained to us that the Lynx-R1 presents a real advantage for the training of GRTGaz’s employees as it enables them to create a common frame of reference for teams in emergency training.

“Being able to visualize an ignited gas leak brings a sense of urgency to the training teams so that they become aware of the real danger. It enables the teams to send the right message and to be prepared for it.”


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