New Chapter: Open Code and App Marketplace

We announce two significant milestones: the launch of our repository on GitHub and our new application store. By opening our code to the world, we invite developers to collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of mixed reality.

This post summarizes the last YouTube live on November 13th 2023.

The imminent launch of our application store marks a key milestone. From the beginning, we will support three applications. As we look to early 2024, we plan to introduce a payment system to allow developers to upload their apps.

On the shipping side, we have now sent approximately 200 headsets to our first backers and clients. From now on, our logistic system will email you a shipping confirmation with your tracking number. There is an upcoming delivery of 500 additional headsets by December. This is particularly significant for our Kickstarter community, who have invested not just funds but faith in our vision.

The 1.1.7 software update significantly enhances user experience, with improved battery and charging behaviors. We pivot towards a broader contribution to the developer community by releasing our code repositories on GitHub, inviting collaboration and innovation from developers worldwide.

The near future holds a strong potential to shape the interaction with the Lynx-R1 with the forthcoming open-sourcing of our launcher. Our backers and clients will have the ability to customize their interface, creating a truly personalized experience. This initiative is not merely about transparency; it's about empowering our community to push the limits of mixed reality technology.

We acknowledge the importance of refining product details, such as mitigating fan noise and perfecting packaging. These aspects are critical to user experience, and we are dedicated to resolving them with precision and care. If you receive a headset with a significant defect, such as a faulty display, we will send you a new one and repair the faulty one upon reception.

Our market positioning transcends the traditional B2B and B2C dichotomy. Lynx offers a versatile product for enterprises that, depending of the use cases, can replace existing AR-only solutions or extend existing capabilities. In the coming years, the trend will gear towards B2C and consumer-oriented solutions and experiences will develop considerably. In a constantly changing market, our adaptability positions us to meet diverse needs and expectations.

As we continue to grow, we invite you to stay connected and participate in the exciting developments that lie ahead. Together, we are not just part of the mixed reality landscape; we are at the vanguard, crafting a future that is as bold as it is bright. Thank you for your continued support.

Questions & Answers

Here we present some of the questions and answers from our YouTube Live session.

Can you confirm when the Remote Assist app will be available?

The Remote Assist app is expected to be available before the end of this year.

Is the point cloud access available?

Pointcloud access isn't available currently but is anticipated to be included in the next release of the Unity preview, coming soon.

Could we work on porting to Bare Linux?

While the operating system code isn't immediately sharable, porting to Bare Linux is technically feasible, especially since the bootloader is open.

If I put an additional order now, when will I get it?

New orders placed now are scheduled for delivery by the end of Q1 2024, according to the current production timeline.

What about the special edition and its issue?

The special transparent edition of the headset is in the pipeline. Production for mass-market units will be prioritized first, but the special edition remains on the agenda.