Privacy by Design Statement

Lynx Mixed Reality being a EU based company and with a strong EU core, believes strongly that the customers’ right for privacy must be at the heart of the XR deployments and thus, have aligned its commitment with the privacy and data protection framework,

Concern for privacy and security is even more crucial as we move to the spatial age. Multiple different levels of new vulnerability arise as more sensors and technologies are introduced in a medium that is individual and captive in nature. Data from such sensors and technologies could prove to be much more sensitive and provide access to deeper behavioral and psychological analysis of the user.  Thus, spatial technologies need greater caution and an approach to protect users from such vulnerabilities. Especially when these devices are used for educational, defense or enterprise which pose the greatest threat from loss of sensitive data.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing the opposite trend; social media companies are flooding the market with subsidized products and putting customers’ data privacy, data sovereignty, and confidentiality at high risk. From our perspective, the status quo: ‘offering cutting-edge XR technologies in exchange for data’, can be easily overruled and sidestepped in such practices. Though, as we describe below, the methods to provide one’s users with privacy & security is not extremely complex, the majority of hardware providers choose not to do so because of their lineage in the business of data.

Thus, we have decided to present our approach in solving this problem with a simple set of plans and actions that Lynx Mixed Reality will implement in its ecosystem. We introduce our motto and commitment; ‘Privacy by Design’. Unlike 300 pages legal documents often referred to as ‘Privacy Policies’, this document and our approach can be easily understood and experienced on the device, by anybody, in minutes, with the flip of a switch. For instance, we demonstrate in our approach below that by allowing control over the accessibility of individual sensors of the system, we can solve 99% of the problems regarding consent, privacy & security. By implementing this, the consent of the customers is given the utmost priority and transparency. 

With transparent access over the Hardware, Operating system, and Application layers, any manufacturer can provide customers with a safe space to leverage AR, VR, MR technologies. This is and will remain at the heart of our framework and ecosystem and we are committed to putting data management back in the user’s hands. We are building a completely different category of devices that take a “Privacy by design” first approach and will continue to do so going into the future.

To further this commitment, we invite our community, the industry and the larger public to comment, debate or criticize this document. As we understand, this will always be an constantly evolving effort and we wish for our community to be a part of the journey into a safe and open XR ecosystem ahead. 

For more information, please visit: or send us an email at to share your feedback.