Signpost and Lynx bring 1000 Mixed Reality headsets to students in Belgium.

Arne Vandendriessche (Signpost CEO) and Stan Larroque (Lynx CEO)

Arne Vandendriessche (Signpost CEO) with Stan Larroque (Lynx CEO)

On Friday October 14th, Lynx and Signpost partnered to bring in 2023 the Mixed Reality headset Lynx R-1 to students in Belgium.

Mixed Reality is going to transform how we learn, and Signpost, the biggest ICT hardware partner for education in Belgium, took action by partnering with Lynx to bring this state of the art headset to schools and institutions.

Signpost and Lynx will deploy the first 1000 of Lynx R-1 headsets in 2023. Signpost will also provide services and certified maintenance support to its customers.

“XR will be the next best thing in education” says Arne Vandendriessche, CEO of the Signpost group. “We see and hear that in the contacts with the schools and we also see the tenders that the government is launching in that regard. Signpost therefore wants to focus strongly on this and opting for the best the market has to offer was logical. Lynx is therefore the obvious choice.”

Technical specs but also the respect of privacy were key elements to choose Lynx as the right headset provider. Compliance with the GDPR and the ownership of data in combination with the favorable entry-level price also makes the device extremely suitable for education.

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Video of the announcement in Kortrijk (low quality as it's recorded through Teams):


- Stan Larroque – CEO Lynx Mixed Reality –
- Pascal Vander Vennet – General Director Signpost Hardware –