The Lynx-R1 and Jean-Michel Jarre: Hybrid Entertainment at Versailles

Versailles 400 represented a new benchmark for live entertainment, merging on-site and metaverse experiences into a single, seamless performance. This innovative use of mixed reality technology with the Lynx-R1 marks a new chapter in interactive cultural events.

We are delighted to share with you the collaboration with the legendary artist Jean-Michel Jarre on the 25th of December, which introduced hybrid entertainment.

Our headset played a central role in this event. It allowed Jean-Michel Jarre to perform simultaneously in the real-world setting of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles Palace and within a digital replica in the metaverse. This dual presence was facilitated by the Lynx-R1, enabling audiences both at Versailles Palace and in the metaverse to engage with the performance in a fully immersive environment.

The event has set a new standard for live performances, where an artist can be simultaneously co-located in the real and the virtual world thanks to mixed reality. This opens the door to new forms of engagement for cultural experiences. Versailles 400 was just the beginning.

The Lynx-R1 is at the forefront of this shift, demonstrating its potential as a tool for artists and cultural institutions to reinvent how performances and experiences are delivered and enjoyed.

For those interested in exploring mixed reality possibilities in their next event or performance, we encourage you to reach out. Drop us a line at; our team is ready to provide the technology and support needed to bring your vision to life with the Lynx-R1.