The Lynx-R1 Now Shipping

This is a pivotal moment, marking the culmination of years of hard work to bring a compelling product to market: the Lynx-R1. The first units are now shipping.

This post summarizes the last YouTube Live on the 29th of August 2023.

The live session started with an unboxing of the device, freshly shipped from our manufacturer Compal. Check the video below for a full unboxing experience by our CEO, Stan Larroque.

The ready-to-ship Lynx-R1 presents a matte finish. The box shows attention to detail and well-thought-out design. Inside the box, we can find the headset and two additional accessories. The two accessories are an optional top strap for better weight distribution and a magnetic facial interface providing full immersion for VR experiences. In addition, you will find a USB-C cable and an instructions card to get you onboarded. Future batches shipping from 2024, will also include a microfiber pouch to protect the lenses during transport.

For quality control, our team will check all the headsets from the batches we are currently receiving in our offices in Paris before sending them out to backers and pre-order customers. As a thank-you gesture, these first batches will include a sample of our unique lens.

On the software side, we have important news: the release of the Lynx SDK that includes the latest Unity features. In addition, the team has successfully aligned the hand-tracking algorithm with the visual pass-through of the headset, providing a seamless experience.  

Regarding deliveries, we will be respecting the order from the Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders. We kindly ask our backers and customers to be patient until all orders get fulfilled. Close to the shipping date they can expect to receive an email from us with a tracking number.  

To round off this update, we would like to warmly thank our Kickstarter backers and our shareholders who were with us at the very beginning of our journey. Our technical partners Qualcomm and Ultraleap also deserve special thanks for supporting us in bringing the Lynx-R1 to the world. We also would like to thank our banks: BPI, Banque Populaire, CIC and Caisse d’Épargne for acknowledging the challenges of securing funding and supporting our journey.

Questions & Answers

Here we present some of the questions and answers from our YouTube Live session.

What is the difference between the pro version and the developer version?
The product is the same: the Lynx-R1. What differs is the type of license. The pro version is for companies aiming to resel the Lynx-R1 with their solutions. The type of license allows you to redistribute the headset in a commercial offering of your own. In addition, the pro version has direct support from our team.

How much is the Lynx-R1 now? 
It will be priced at 1299 euros. At the moment we have left a few developer kits available at 849 euros that will soon be discontinued.  

It’s great that you check the boxes in these early batches. Does this mean that the plastic wrap will be removed from delivered boxes?
Yes, the plastic will be removed.

If we buy the headset today, will we be able to update the headset’s source code in an upcoming version?
Yes, you will be able to update your headset once you are connected to Wi-Fi. You will also be able to restore your headset to a previous version.

Does your headset have depth sensors?
The Lynx-R1 doesn’t have any depth sensor given the following: (1) to lower the power consumption running in the headset, (2) to decrease the price of the device, and (3) to reduce the thermal pressure on the headset. Instead, we have occlusion mapping capabilities.

Are you still planning to implement occlusion mapping with Wikitude API?
Most probably we will be compatible with Snapdragon spaces. We are also working on being compatible with Vuforia.

In case of backing the limited edition, when will I receive it?
We are first manufacturing the standard edition. Before the end of the year, we aim to have the limited edition in the market.

Has the battery life changed in this final batch?
The battery life has not changed. The battery profile is even behaving better.

Can you tell us more about the process of submitting an app to the Lynx store?
You will need to create an account on Lynx Portal and then register an organization (registered entity). From there you will be able to upload your apps and receive payment for any app that users need to purchase.

How many units are you shipping in this first batch?
At the moment a couple of hundred devices.

Can we use the headset when it is charging?
Yes, you can use the headset with the USB-C cable.