The Lynx-R1: Where B2B Meets an Open Platform

As we navigate the early stages of shipping and address minor product issues, our pledge remains to deliver a B2B headset and an entire ecosystem that stands as a testament to openness.

This post summarizes the last YouTube live on October 2nd 2023.

As many of you might already be aware, our recently adjusted price point of €1299 for the Lynx-R1 primarily targets the B2B market. 

What sets us apart is not just the headset; it's the entire ecosystem we have built with a foundational commitment to transparency and data privacy. The Lynx-R1 is a testament to openness: it proudly features an open bootloader, a rarity in today's market. This move towards an open ecosystem responds to a palpable demand from our backers and clients for a more hands-on approach to OS interaction.

The Lynx-R1 is the embodiment of an alternative to tech behemoths that dominate the market. An alternative that ensures consumers are not just tied to a single narrative but have choices.

As we tread this path, our first shipping batch is far from being perfect and we would like to make you aware of two minor issues: esthetic damages on the faceplate and non-functional microphones. While we've equipped the product with alternative audio channels to mitigate this, we want to reassure everyone that if you receive one of these affected units, we will provide a free exchange option in Q1 2024.

On the software front, there is an update upcoming for October 20th that will address the charging concerns that some of you have raised. Also, our new Portal website will be the place to address all your queries. 

We have listened to our community's feedback and are working diligently to perfect our headset. To those who have embarked on this journey with us, we sincerely thank you.

If your shipping details have changed since your Kickstarter registration, please ensure you update them through this form. Together, we're paving the way for a more open and inclusive tech future.

Questions & Answers from the Kickstarter Community

Here we present some of the questions raised by the unofficial Lynx Discord channel prior to the live session.

Are there any news on the Lynx-R1 controllers and can we expect them this year? 
Lynx-R1 controllers were originally planned with a hybrid handtracking/optical tracking but we switched to a more conventional design to enhance accuracy and versatility. They will be released in Q3 2024.

Is it possible to connect the Lynx-R1 to a PC with Steam VR with just a cable for uncompressed image quality? 
Yes, there are two methods to connect: through CloudXR and through ALVR or ALXR. Use a WiFi 5 or 6 connection or a USB-C cable for streaming directly from Steam VR to the headset.

The official Lynx documentation for developers seems to be Unity-oriented. Any chance of having similar docs for Godot and Unreal? 
While our team is Unity-oriented, the Lynx-R1 is already compatible with Unreal and has an early compatibility with Godot. The documentation will follow soon.

I'm one of the last backers (high backer number). Can I expect the headset this year? 
If your backer number is above 1000, expect it early next year.

Are there still two versions of the VR face gasket/interface? 
There's only one VR facial interface that accommodates glasses with four magnets.

What's the plan with the store right now? Can you clarify about consumers paying €1,299 for the headset, same as Enterprise
The new price for the headset is €1,299 due to manufacturing costs and lower sales numbers. The majority of our buyers are businesses.

How is the progress on environmental mesh functionality? 
The function to compute the mesh of the environment using the cameras will be enabled by the end of the year.

How is the delivery schedule after the first batch? 
After the current batch ships, the next will arrive in November, then January, with the intervals becoming shorter over time.

Any update on the Japanese radio certification
We are currently passing the certification and have already shipped devices to Japanese backers.

Do you think that Unity will be the most prioritized platform for Lynx developers given the current situation?
While we currently use Unity for internal applications, we encourage developers to use the SDK of their preferred engine that supports OpenXR.

What part of the Lynx-R1 is repairable by the community? 
Opening the Lynx-R1 is not recommended as it can alter the calibration of cameras and the IMU. 

As the Quest 3 launch coincides with the Lynx-R1 shipping, will it be beneficial in terms of generating Lynx-compatible apps from the community? 
The introduction of Quest 3 to mixed reality will educate the masses, making it beneficial for smaller players like us. We advocate for interoperability and believe it's beneficial for everyone.

Questions & Answers from the YouTube Live

Here we present some of the questions and answers from our YouTube Live session.

Do you have to pay extra for the glasses add-on? 
No, the glasses add-on is included in the box at no extra cost.

Where can I find details about the warranty, return policy, and order fulfillment cancellation process? 
Details can be found on the Portal website. The headset certification will be provided in the 'Getting Started' pages within the documentation section of the website.

Regarding possible Lynx Development Conference(s), would you give an approximate time frame and likely location(s)?
There's no definitive timeframe set before the end of the year. Our focus now is on finalizing fundraising. After that, there will be efforts to expand the community, organize events and hackathons, and engage in community discussions.

Will the initial firmware have any issues like stuttering or sluggishness? 
The software is considered stable. While there may be instances where a restart is required (like after charging or if tracking is lost), it's reliable.

When will the pre-orders be shipped? 
Some pre-orders are currently being shipped alongside Kickstarter backers. We prioritize Kickstarter backers but include some pre-orders in the shipments for specific projects.

Is there ongoing work for a night tracking module for the Lynx-R1? 
There are ongoing discussions, especially for future headsets, but nothing concrete to announce for the Lynx-R1 at the moment.

What can the Lynx-R1 do that the Quest 3 cannot? 
The Lynx-R1 offers better peripheral vision, which allows for a more natural experience and less dizziness. The weight distribution on the Lynx-R1 is also more comfortable than the Quest 3. Additionally, the Lynx-R1 provides developers more freedom, particularly with camera access and computer vision applications.

What about those who pledged for the glass-compatible feature? 
All Lynx-R1 units are glass compatible. We are looking into ways to compensate those who pledged specifically for this feature.

What are the plans for the device store? 
The device store is a priority, with plans to finish it within the month. It will provide a platform for developers to upload and beta-test their applications.

Any upcoming events or updates? 
Updates will be more frequent on Twitter and LinkedIn. The company will be at I/ITSEC in Orlando at the end of November and at CES. For inquiries, it's best to use the Portal for a faster response from the team.