Through The Lens Videos

While other headsets companies were forming beautiful (but misleading) marketing videos to promote their AR experiences, at Lynx we've never been reluctant to show people what they actually can get out of their device with through-the-lens videos.

We started publishing through the lens videos in February 2021 as a way to show our progress in the most honest way possible. These unedited videos show what to expect in terms of image quality, latency, field of view,and peripheral vision: it’s basically “what you see is what you get”.

The success of this video encouraged us to publish more similar content. On the following video, we are showing off our flawless hand-tracking, true opacity of virtual objects and occlusions:

Finally, this style of video was adopted by people visiting us, like Sebastian from MRTV. Completely amazed by experiencing for the very first time 'true Mixed Reality', he decided to capture this video with his smartphone to immediately share what he saw with the AR/VR community: