[Youtube Live] Lynx Update - February 23rd 2023

This is a short recap of the latest Youtube Live available here.

Next deliveries

We are targeting April for KS backers with up to 300-500 devices (depending on the yield). These devices have been improved compared to the first batch with 50 mechanical changes, improved assemblies and finishes.

Software updates
We are working on the software side to polish things up : adding new functionalities to the SDK and optimizing the runtimes to increase the performance. We are also working on a system that will allow the users to access most of the headset's data, launch updates, screen copy, sideload apks directly from a Chromium based browser. More on that soon.

We're opening up the headset to other 3D engines thanks to OpenXR, Unreal 5 is supported and Godot (thanks to Ultraleap).

We're adding the ability to capture raw cameras frames from the 3D engines (for computer vision, filters, etc...) ass well as other sensors. It will enable a lot of new use cases. Expect some announcements soon !

We're benchmarking the performance cost before packaging everything to ensure smooth experiences. The camera/sensor capture will soon be available in the Lynx SDK.

The Wolvic integration is on its way, we're confident that WebXR content (with hand tracking) will be showcased during the next Laval Virtual event in April.

We're in the middle of a new fundraising campaign, things are going well as the headset is now in production and the feedback from the various events have been really positive. Thanks to everyone who helped us this far, we know that it's still frustrating for all of those that don't have a headset yet but we're getting there !

Side note : we'll put back the model with the transparent faceplate on the website.

When will preorders be delivered ?
The next batch is coming in April, after that there will be a lot less delays between batches (4 weeks) and they will be larger. We expect to deliver both the KS backers and the preorders by the end of the summer.

How will the app maket work ?
There will be different ways to add apps to the Lynx. The first one is sideloading, you will be able to do it from SideQuest for example and we will have our own platform.

Please send a unit to Guy Godin from Virtual Desktop
His device will be sent with the next batch !

How long can we expect the Lynx R1 to be supported before a new one is announced ?
A very long time, we're building this device for professional users and they will expect a long lifecycle. We'll keep producing it for at least 18 months and supporting it for a longer time. It will bring a lot of ideas to what the R2 can be.

How stable is the OpenXR support ?
It's very stable, the headset can really be used on its now and we don't need a computer to reset or recover it anymore.

Can we use the hand tracking from the headset for PCVR games that use Ultraleap ?

Will the next batch have radio certifications ?
I don't have the information right now but we are progressing on all the certificate procedures.

If a backer wants to develop software for the Lynx, can he email you to get a headset faster ?
Feel free to email us if you think you have a very good use case or game.

Does your Unity SDK includes an API to get hand poses, gesture recognition out of the box ?
The Lynx SDK uses the Ultraleap SDK for everything related to hand tracking. You can check their developer platform to lear more about the available features.

Will the app market allow NSFW apps ?
I can't give an answer today, we will have to check the local restrictions depending on the region the user live in.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces SDK has nice features, will it be available on the Lynx ?
We're working closely with Qualcomm so that the Lynx will be among the few headset to be compatible with the SDK at its launch.

Do you plan to continue working on the travel case or will it be sold by someone else ?
For now, we still want to do it but we have other priorities and can't handle it right now. We'd like to have it a some point in the future.

Is it ok to use the Lynx R1 outside under the sun ?
Yes, everything should be working and the passthrough cameras will provide a better picture quality.

Will you support spatial anchors ?
Yes, through the Snapdragon Spaces SDK.

Next Live in the end of March.